Get the list of our songs with the last updated information


This method is only available for commercial plans. The dump will include meta-data only. You will still need to call the track.lyrics.get api to get the real content.


Dump of our catalogue in this format:

    "track_name": "Shape of you",
    "artist_name": "Ed Sheeran",
    "has_restrictions": false,

The "has_restriction" flag means in the lyrics.get os subtitles.get api you might not be able to fetch that lyrics if the restriciton is world wide, or you'll receive the list of countries where the display of that lyrics is not allowed if the restriction is country based and your plan is configured to support country based restrictions


This method requires authentication.


Get the list of files with catalogue dump
Get the list of files in the three groups with the dump of our catalogue (URLS not working, only provided as example
Json Response
  "message": {
    "header": {
      "status_code": 200,
      "execute_time": 0.049940824508667
    "body": {
      "catalogue": {
        "updated_time": "2017-02-07T13:49:01Z",
        "catalogue_commontracks": {
          "url_list": [
              "url": "http:\/\/\/api\/catalogue\/201304\/C5A8048E7CE1-CE48-DEBF-02D6-C5A8048E7CE1\/commontracks-0.txt.gz"
              "url": "http:\/\/\/api\/catalogue\/201304\/C5A8048E7CE1-CE48-DEBF-02D6-C5A8048E7CE1\/commontracks-1.txt.gz"