Musixmatch lyrics API

The most powerful and legal way to display lyrics on your website or in your application.

Musixmatch lyrics API is a robust service that permits you to search and retrieve lyrics in the simplest possible way.

Integration guidelines

  • The Musixmatch API access is limited to Musixmatch selected partners.

    Once you'll get registered as a Musixmatch Partner you'll get your API key, a mandatory parameter for most of our API calls. It’s your personal identifier and should be kept secret.

  • Read Musixmatch API Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy:

    Before getting started, you must take a look at the API Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy. We’ve worked hard to make this service completely legal so that we are all protected from any foreseeable liability. Take the time to read this stuff.

  • Read the documentation on our wiki:

    We have tried to keep things as easy as possible. To understand how our API behaves take a look at these pages showing the details of the API calls and responses:
    API methods
    Input parameters

  • Integrate the musixmatch service with your web site or application

    In the most common scenario you only need to implement two API calls:
    The first call is to match your catalog to ours using the search function (details on the page) and the second is to get the lyrics (see the page track.lyrics.get). That’s it!

If you’re interested in more advanced features, check out the API methods page.

We can’t wait to see the amazing things you’re going to do with the Musixmatch API!