Is caching of lyrics allowed?
Yes. However we remind you that you need to properly implement the tracking pixel and we don't allow distribution of our data to 3rd parties and you're not allowed to copy our data for re-distribution.

Why I only have access to 30% of the lyrics and not full text?
We currently offer only 30% of lyrics for Not Commercial Use (personal use and beta testing). In order to get the full view you need to buy a Licensing Data Package

Can you just use a snippet or portion of lyrics while composing my pages?
Sure. But you need to implement the tracking pixel (more info about tracking are in the documentation of track.lyrics.get).

Why do I get 401 errors using musiXmatch API?
The Not Commercial Use plan allows 2000 Api Calls per day and 500 Lyrics display per day. After you've reached those limit you'll get a 401 Error

Do you offer a link exchange or an affiliate program?
Currently we don't offer this kind of programs. But we're all ears. Tell us more.

How much does it cost to get full access to Lyrics?
We offer annual data licensing packages that are customized to meet your needs with fees ranging from $25,000 to higher depending on the audience for the data and which data are being licensed. We are not able to offer any sort of data license for less than $25,000. Usually in case of a web site we do offer a fixed CPM offering so you're charged every 1,000 lyrics displayed. In any case we would ask a minimum year fee of 25,000$

Can I develop a mobile app using your API?
At musiXmatch we think the UI and UX are the best value for an app. Expecially for an app using and displaying our data. We only encourage apps offering the best User Experience on Lyrics. We think that a fragmented lyrics offering and tons of apps offering the same content will not bring any value to anyone. So we will encourage and license our data only to apps offering a Unique user Experience. Anyway we have developed a Mobile SDK for Android which links directly to our musiXmatch apps. This way you're free to use this SDK in order to link your app or music players to musiXmatch Lyrics App.

Which Publishers musiXmatch has agreed with?
musiXmatch has reached worldwide distribution agreement with Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, EMI Music Publishing, Warner/Chappell Music, Kobal Music Group, BMG.

Why are some lyrics not displayed due to copyright restrictions?
Although we tried to share a lot of love and make distribution of lyrics easier, some Music Publishers asked musiXmatch to remove their contents.

Can I contribute sending you some lyrics you're missing?
Sure thing! Send us an email to content@musixmatch.com

I have a Research Project, can I use your data ?
Yes, you can use data from Not Commercial Use Plan. If you need something more, take a look at The musiXmatch Dataset developed for the Columbia University: http://labrosa.ee.columbia.edu/millionsong/musixmatch.

How do I contact you?
For commercial licensing inquiries please write us to sales@musixmatch.com. For non-commercial inquiries please use our support site: http://support.musixmatch.com.