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Available to the public for the first time is our large-scale lyrics and music vocabulary dataset for Music Information Retrieval.

We offer our large-scale lyrics dataset designed to allow machine learning companies and researchers use a wide range of applications like lyrics text analysis which creates music recommendations and provides insights.

Linguistic analysis of song lyrics to detect and interpret emotions, social tendencies, and language style which helps analyze emotions and feelings that musical artists express in their songs.

Our database of lyrics has a catalogue of over 43 million tracks, 5 million artists and 14 million lyrics in over 50 distinct languages with daily updates.

Text Analysis

Musixmatch’s Natural Language Processing reveals the structure and meaning of lyrics by offering powerful machine learning models in an easy to use REST API. You can use it to extract information about people, places, events and much more, mentioned in the lyrics of the artist.


Musixmatch uses powerful Word Embedding algorithms to capture similarities amongst different concepts expressed in song lyrics.


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Licensed data is delivered via our JSON Lyrics API. We do not provide static, flat data feeds.

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